A 45-Minute Drone for 2020

This is an album to start the year with. It is a single piece, just under 45 minutes in length, of dense, shuddering wave forms that track at a sedate pace and bring your pulse and your thoughts into alignment. The variations of the tones are so slow in their passing that your mind’s eye sees not only the shape of the waves, but the shape of the modulations within, warpy rivulets that take the overarching drones and apply to them accordion-like patterning, not to mention sheer layers that glide atop each other.

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unamed (ep)

New Year, new EP on Bandcamp.

Four fairly minimal rhythm centric tracks, with heavy analog textures, and more melody than I’ve typically used (at least on tracks 2-4).

Stream or download it for free on Bandcamp.

The beats came easy on these tracks. I’ve gotten to a point where I’m comfortable sequencing rhythms. They’ve become less work and more expression.

Melody and arrangement can be laborious though. I don’t have the tools or the confidence.

That’s going to be my biggest area of focus before next year’s EP.