The art of production: Surgeon

“If I had to boil down my take on all of this, it’s about wanting to have people’s boundaries expanded somehow. They would come in with a certain idea about things and leave with that widened. That’s the aim of music and performance for me, to open people’s heads up, to give them an experience outside their normal routine or life, to make them think there’s something else out there. To reconsider the boundaries they set on the world they live in. Maybe these boundaries and ideas are not so fixed and solid? They’re really very loose, I believe. That’s the whole idea of music, to transmit that idea, to make them bend their idea of the world.”

A techno luminary outlines his approach to live performance.

37 gems by ruby yacht

we are bored by the generic mediocrity dominating the rap landscape at present.


the ruby yacht is a poet gang, a conglomerate of wacko’s who obviously love nothing more than life itself. we are the hoarders of cheat codes, the speakerknockers, the wellthunk monks. potent delivery.

Heavy Freestyle Fellowship and early Anticon posse cut vibes…Compounding creativity anchored in individual craftmanship.

Highly recommended.

Label of the month: Rephlex

Resident Advisor looks back…

It’s not easy pinning down Rephlex, the label founded in the early ’90s by Richard D. James, AKA Aphex Twin, and Grant Wilson-Claridge. While many labels have clear aesthetics—consistent visual design, a focused signature sound—Rephlex, in its 23-year run, swerved from nosebleed techno to luxuriant lounge pop, musique concrète to blown-out ragga, and of course, lots and lots of acid.

Old Rephlex rave flyers